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Personal Digital Identity vs Professional Digital Identity

What digital platforms are students currently using to develop their professional network?

For professional networking, I believe LinkedIn, Zoom Meeting, Microsoft Office 365, and Google Platform are the most popular digital platforms. Thus, these digital platforms really help students to develop school assignments and job portfolios.

What could the student consider in expanding their professional learning network?

As a student, the first thing we need to consider in an expanding professional learning network is both privacy and function. Therefore, finding the proper digital platforms can increase the efficiency of the workflow and save a lot of time. Moreover, I think the privacy part of a professional learning network is the most important compared to the function of tools, so when I decide to expand my professional learning network, I will choose a well-known brand over an unknown platform.

How does data privacy and security limit and/or promote a PLN?

Data privacy and security can both limit and promote a professional learning network because well-known professional learning networks are paying very close attention to users’ data privacy and security. Thus, corporations spend a lot of time and money investing in data security to protect all users’ data. Furthermore, leaking data privacy and security for a PLN can have a serious impact on a PLN’s trust and lead to bankruptcy.

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  1. ariehl May 30, 2022

    Hi Tim!

    I loved reading your post; it was laid out very clearly, concisely, and to the point.

    We have a lot of similarities on our V&R maps, and I just wanted to get your perspective on why you placed specific applications where you did!

    I included TD banking in the upper right quadrant of my V&R map, just as you have, and I was wondering why you thought to include banking in the first place? The reason I chose to include my banking, despite the lack of connection with other people, when I send the e-transfers, there’s a message function that allows us to communicate with people on the receiving end of the transfer. It’s not a mainstream type of communication, but it gets the point across and can be a helpful tool when sending e-transfers. I also believe that websites like TD EasyWeb, are continuously tracking what we are doing and what we’re looking at (I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I promise) and then altering our ads and what we see on our websites through our search histories.

    Just as you have included food delivery services, I also included food delivery services. The reason I chose to include food delivery services is because on the off chance that I do use food delivery services, I usually participate in contactless delivery, so I have to text and communicate with the delivery drivers. Sometimes our conversation about Drop off locations turns into a full-blown Conversation about how busy they’ve been and how they’re doing. Sometimes, I even meet them at the door. I don’t think these services were created for social interaction; however, they still enable social interaction!

    • timyang June 1, 2022 — Post author

      I agree with you, I believe banking app and delivery app is part of our social interaction because we use these app to communicate with bank workers and food deliver.

  2. gavinge June 1, 2022

    Hi, Tim.This is Gavin, we used to play badminton together, nice to see you here. I would love to hear your reason for your placement of brightspace between your visitor and resident map, I think it’s more of a resident map

    Thank you, I hope to hear back from you

    • timyang June 1, 2022 — Post author

      I think Brightspace do not contain many personal information, so I decide to put it in the middle which means is a mix of resident and visitor.

  3. benjamin778 June 3, 2022

    Hi Tim, I enjoyed reading your blogs, you give some very mindful points on explaining the digital identity. On the first paragraph, you listed some professional network platform which I personally will use as well. And I enjoy using them for my professional approach to digital identity. On your second paragraph, you mention you rather use the professional platform that has good reputation whether than other that is new or unfamiliar. I personally feel the same when I choose to use the app that I am familiar, and people will commonly use in their daily basis because I feel secure in it. In a nest shell, you listed some good social media platform on your V&R map. I love you put some gaming media such as Xbox, Play Station, and Switch.

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