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Engaging your PLN

Can your PLN be used to help professional development post-course?

Personal learning networks can be used to help professional development post-course because they can be changed for a variety of purposes, such as starting a business and the personal learning network can help his or her firm build a reputation and generate more followers or loyal customers, which can help the economic growth of the business. For instance, after I finish my undergrad, I will change my degree to global communication (media). The reason is that I like both photography and managing my personal Instagram account. Another intention of moving toward a media degree is the popularity of social media like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Therefore, social media has become part of our lives and social media companies are more energetic compared to other corporations. Additionally, as a result of the popularity of these platforms, people now favor sharing their lives on social media. On the one hand, posting about your life on social media has many benefits.

Can your PLN be relied on to open professional opportunities?

I think our personal learning network can be transformed into professional networking; for example, people who might be interested in starting a business or building their own professional social media for work and learning purposes. However, the majority of professional social media accounts are run by celebrities’ agents, or they might have a media group to manage their accounts. Thus, TikTok is a very interesting social media platform that can be run by an individual. As long as the content attracts an audience, it can go viral and become a famous content creator. Another example is that our personal learning network can turn into a professional one for job search purposes. Therefore, when interviewers look at your website and social media, they can see your level of professionalism.

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  1. mimiiheart June 24, 2022

    Hi Tim,

    I enjoyed reading your final blog and how you want to go into photography and possibly media degree.
    I had also started wondering about my career path and how my PLN can be tailored towards adding this new acquired social media skills through this course to my career as ECE and CYCW.
    Although, my work requires a good following on social media with the youths that I work with (marginalized young mothers ages 16-24 years) i never really utilized social media to its full potential. I feel that blogging about resource that may help the youths connect to social services for themselves and their children was lacking in my professional support for the young moms. After this course (graduation), I will try to improve on the skills learned here and utilize it on that front. This may even help me connect to communities beyond Ontario.

    Thank you for your insight and thought provoking final reflective post.

    Best wishes to you on your next endeavours.
    Mimiiheart (Maimunat).

  2. amybai June 25, 2022

    Hey Tim,
    I really like your opinion on a business view of social media. Social media is a really good resource for commercials and advertisements. It is the fastest way to explore information. It will be influenced as well because everyone is spending more time on technologies than before. We just need to be aware of those commercials because sometimes can have too many impacts on our thoughts. That is why we need to learn how to separate fake news and control our social media behaviors. Good luck with your next step in life!
    Amy Bai

  3. abronson1 June 26, 2022

    Hey Tim, great post. It is awesome to hear of your future plans in education. I’m interested to learn more about what a degree in global communications entails. It sounds interesting. Do you have any particular aspirations in the field, or are you still exploring options and ideas?

    I wish you luck in your future plans!


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